Black London.

1. Shoreditch Old Station
2. The Duke of London
3. Nude Espresso, Hanbury Place.

words of encouragement

February, grey, windy, rainy and dragging its feet, is almost gone. I am ready for spring but not in the same sad desperate way as last year. Winter has been much kinder this time round, so gentle it gives me worry that something nasty is just lurking round the corner. The Vernal Equinox, the official start of spring, is still a month away...

Brussel's eats: Bia Mara.

If you find yourself in Brussels, you should eat here, at Bia Mara. We go there all the time and have since it opened. It has never let us down. The service is friendly and the food is fresh, fast, cheap and most importantly it is delicious. They also have a great selection of Belgian beers.


Um, I kind of love really old fashioned German Konditoreien, we once lived somewhere we hated for far too long but the local Konditorei helped make it a little better. We would go there for the cosy, quaint atmosphere, the delicious homemade cakes and the quiet company of elderly Germans.
 These are a few extra shots from this day when I met this cake.