The end is the beginning.

Ending this year the way it began, in Germany with the best kind of friends, good food, drinks and some questionable firework antics.


It is the perfect time to be baking. Gingerbread needs just a few simple ingredients, I use this recipe, it is easy, fun and delicious. I love gingerbread, I love it's soft German cousin lebkuchen and it's spicy Belgian friend speculoos. They all have very limited lifespans round here.

Brother Hubbard

If you ever find yourself in Dublin, go to Brother Hubbard. You will be rewarded with great coffee, delicious treats, tasty food and friendly service, (they remembered us after just one visit, this normally never happens in Europe). I may have had the best brunch of my life there.

I should have taken photos of their inviting interior or the amazing spread of cakes and cookies that spanned the counter but I was busy stuffing my face.


1. St Stephen's Green
2. Last of the Autumn leaves
3. Garden of Remembrance
4. Trinity